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College of Arts and Sciences Department of Chemistry

Fall 2017

Undergraduate Courses

Chemistry 101: Introduction to Chemistry
Chemistry 105: Principles of Chemistry I
Chemistry 106: Principles of Chemistry II
Chemistry 220: Quantitative Analysis
Chemistry 222: Quantitative Analysis Laboratory
Chemistry 330: Problem Solving in Physical Chemistry
Chemistry 331: Physical Chemistry
Chemistry 333: Physical Chemistry Laboratory for Chemists
Chemistry 334: Physical Chemistry Laboratory
Chemistry 345: Organic Chemistry I
Chemistry 348: Organic Chemistry II and Problem Solving
Chemistry 370: Chemical Biology
Chemistry 398: Undergraduate Seminar
Chemistry 401: Modern Inorganic Chemistry
Chemistry 426: Quantitative Instrumental Analysis Laboratory
Chemistry 480: Solid State Chemistry
Chemistry 490: Current Topics in Chemistry: Math Applications to Chemistry


Graduate Courses

Chemistry 503: Advanced Topics in Inorganic Chem: Organometallics
Chemistry 514: Mass Spectrometry
Chemistry 520: Advanced Analytical Chemistry
Chemistry 531: Advanced Physical Chemistry I
Chemistry 532: Advanced Physical Chemistry II
Chemistry 535: Applied Spectroscopy
Chemistry 537: Advanced Topics in Physical Chem: Surface Science
Chemistry 542: Advanced Organic Chemistry
Chemistry 546: Spectroscopic Identification of Organic Compounds
Chemistry 590: Introduction to Research Topics
Chemistry 592: Seminar in Analytical Chemistry
Chemistry 593: Seminar in Physical Chemistry
Chemistry 594: Seminar in Organic Chemistry