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College of Arts and Sciences Department of Chemistry

Undergraduate Courses

CHEM 101: Introduction to Chemistry

CHEM 102: Chemistry Related to Life Sciences

CHEM 105: Principles of Chemistry I

CHEM 106: Principles of Chemistry II

CHEM 116: Chemical Principles Honors II

CHEM 220: Quantitative Analysis

CHEM 222: Quantitative Analysis Laboratory

CHEM 332: Physical Chemistry

CHEM 333: Physical Chemistry Laboratory for Chemists – S01

CHEM 333: Physical Chemistry Laboratory for Chemists – S02

CHEM 345: Organic Chemistry I

CHEM 347: Organic Qualitative Analysis Laboratory

CHEM 348: Organic Chemistry II and Problem Solving

CHEM 370: Chemical Biology

CHEM 410: Advanced Synthesis and Characterization

CHEM 425: Quantitative Instrumental Analysis

Graduate Courses

CHEM 503: Advanced Topics in Inorganic Chemistry: Soln Kinetics and Thermo

CHEM 509:Chemical Group Theory

CHEM 522: Rodiochemistry Laboratory

CHEM 534: Chemical Statistical Mechanics

CHEM 544.02: Topics in Organic Chemistry: Polymer Chemistry

CHEM 545: Synthetic Organic Chemistry

CHEM 591: Seminar in Inorganic Chemistry

CHEM 592: Seminar in Analytical Chemistry

CHEM 593: Seminar in Physical Chemistry

CHEM 594: Seminar in Organic Chemistry