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College of Arts and Sciences Department of Chemistry


Welcome to the Washington State University Department of Chemistry Graduate Program recruiting site. Below you will find a list of the professors who are hoping to recruit you into their group. Each professor has a link to their faculty profile and a video explaining their research program.

We are here to answer any questions you may have about our program. Please feel free to contact Dr. Pete Reilly, Associate Chair of the Graduate Program, or Lori Bruce, Administrative Coordinator for the Chemistry Graduate Program.

Thank you and we are so glad you are considering WSU!


Faculty Research Profiles

Below are links to some faculty profile pages as well as research poster links. All faculty profiles are linked here. In addition, the 2021 Faculty Visitation Booklet summarizes research in WSU’s Department of Chemistry.

Chemistry Teaching Assistantships

For those of you who choose to attend graduate school at WSU, the first year requires that you perform the duties of a teaching assistant in our first-year general chemistry classes. The following links will help describe the expectations surrounding being a TA

Research Facilities at WSU

Fall 2021 Course Listing

Catalog Link

Chem 501 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (co with 401)
Chem 503 Topics: Inorganic Chemistry/Kinetics
Chem 514 Mass Spectroscopy
Chem 518 Electrochemistry
Chem 528 Data Analytics for Chemistry
Chem 531 Advanced Physical Chemistry I
Chem 532 Advanced Physical Chemistry II
Chem 542 Advanced Organic Chemistry
Chem 546 Spectroscopic Identification of Organic Compounds
Chem 590 Introduction to Research Topics
Chem 591 Seminar in Inorganic Chemistry
Chem 592 Seminar in Analytical Chemistry (combined with 591, AER assignment)
Chem 593 Seminar in Physical Chemistry
Chem 594 Seminar in Organic Chemistry

Helpful Links