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College of Arts and Sciences Department of Chemistry


Welcome to Part 1 of the the Washington State University Department of Chemistry Graduate Program Visitation Day!

Below you will find a list of the professors who are hoping to recruit students for the fall 2023 cohort. Each professor has a link to their faculty profile, a link to a research poster, and a video explaining their research. Even if it isn’t a professor you had previously considered, oftentimes you can find that their research might be of interest to you. In addition to the faculty members listed below, the Department of Chemistry will be adding two additional faculty members by fall 2023. We will update you as we have details.

If you have any questions, please email We’d be happy to help.

Faculty Research Profiles

Below are the links to faculty who will be accepting graduate students for fall 2023. In addition, the 2023 Faculty Visitation Booklet summarizes research in WSU’s Department of Chemistry:

Chemistry Teaching Assistantships

For those of you who choose to attend graduate school at WSU, the first year requires that you perform the duties of a teaching assistant in our first-year general chemistry classes. Both domestic and international students are funded by assistantships while they are a graduate student as long as they maintain good academic standing. An assistantship includes a tuition waiver, a stipend (~$2300/month), and health insurance (valued at ~$2500/year). The following links will help describe the expectations surrounding being a TA:

Research Facilities at WSU

Helpful Links