Hello Chemistry Folks!

As of June 7, 2017 all staff and faculty has been moved from the Connect! servers to the new Office 365 server. For the past 2 years the student have been on this server, and now the staff are currently being migrated over to the Office 365 server. There have been several issues with the migration so far, mainly for mac users. For most users the migration has been successful. For most users all they needed to do is restart Outlook.
One is the key changes is that you must now enter you FULL email address. For example instead of just entering your network ID (eg. butch.cougar) you must enter in butch.cougar@wsu.edu. Also you must make sure that the server details are switched to outlook.office365.com

If neither of these methods work for you:
Recovery/Reconnection Scenarios: IF your Outlook didn’t have a message for you this morning saying it needs to restart to effect changes, it may just need a push.

Outlook 2013/2016 (locally installed) Client
• IF you’ve closed out Outlook when you left yesterday OR shutdown your computer, when you fire both up this morning, your system should automatically move to check the new servers with no changes required on your part.
• IF you left Outlook open last night, you may have arrived this morning to find it giving some sort of error, this is by design.
o Restart Outlook and it SHOULD automatically align itself with the new mail servers and start picking up mail again with only that hiccup…
o That said, so far we have reports of having to restart Outlook upwards of 4 times. Our suggestion would be that if you’ve restarted Outlook a couple of times without it recovering on its own, do a full                       workstation restart.
o If you’re still having trouble after that, please give us a call at 335-5864 and we’ll coordinate getting someone out to help you get back on track manually.
o Manual settings (via ITS):
Office 365 email account settings: Exchange
          Server Config: Microsoft Exchange
          Incoming Server: outlook.office365.com
          Secure Auth Type: SSL
The account should automatically configure the rest of the settings

• The 2010 client MAY work, but is neither supported nor recommended by ITS. Chemistry staff may upgrade to 2013 or 2016 at their leisure by running the installers on Chem-Diamond3

Web-Based Email Client
For those who take advantage of the web-based email interface (hopefully that’s most of you) here’s the new info:
URL:   https://outlook.office365.com  (use this from here on out)
Defunct old URL:   https://connect.wsu.edu don’t use this anymore
The new URL has a slightly redundant login process but does seem very reliable.

Mobile Settings
Here’s a list of server and corresponding specifics to get your mobile device back in sync:
(in most cases you’re just replacing “connect.wsu.edu” with “outlook.office365.com”)

Office 365 email account settings: IMAP
Server Config: IMAP
Incoming Server: outlook.office365.com
Secure Auth Type: SSL
Incoming Port: 993

Outgoing Server: smtp.office365.com
Auth Type: none
Outgoing Port: 25

Alternative Outgoing Server Settings Through WSU’s Server:
Outgoing Server: smtp.wsu.edu
Secure Auth Type: SSL
Outgoing Port: 465
You have to set the server to Secure Authentication (login)
Use your Network ID and Password as the login credentials for the server