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Department of Chemistry Fulmer IT

Installing Adobe Acrobat on OSX

  1. Navigate to "\\chem-diamond3\Jukebox\Acrobat\Mac\Adobe Acrobat DC" and select the installer saved there.
    Step 1
  2. Select, “Continue” to begin the installation process
    Step 2
  3. Click, “Continue” again to accept the requirements
    Step 3
  4. Unless you want something more specific, the best option is pre-selected here. Keep on clicking.
    Step 4
  5. The install location is also already chosen, so choose, “Install”.
    Step 5
  6. If prompted, enter your computer password, not your WSU ID
    Step 6
  7. Now just sit back and let the installer work.
    Step 7
  8. Once it’s finished, close the installer.
    Step 8
  9. When you launch the application, you will be asked to accept Adobe’s License Agreement.
    Step 9
  10. You may be asked to sign in. This is optional. Simply close the window if you do not wish to sign in, and hit yes in the confirmation popup
    Step 10
    Step 10B
  11. One more popup window may appear. Again, this one is up to you to decide how to respond. If you think you may ever use PDF’s in Powerpoint, go for it.
    Step 11
  12. Now you’re good to go!