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Department of Chemistry Fulmer IT

Installing ChemDraw 18.1 on OSX

  1. First access the chem-diamond3. To access chem-diamond3 view the tutorial here. Under the chem-diamond3 server navigate to Jukebox. Once in Jukebox, navigate to the ChemDrawProfessional folder and head to the 18.2 folder. The navigate to the Mac folder.
"Chem-diamond3 -> Jukebox -> ChemDrawProfessional -> 18.2 -> Mac"

2. Click on the .dmg file and start the installation by clicking “agree” to the terms and conditions.

Step 2

3. Drag the ChemDraw Professional 18.2 icon to the Applications folder, and then drag CDQuickLook.qlgenerator to the Quicklook folder icon.

Step 3

4. Open applications and click on “ChemDraw 18.2”

Step 4

5. An “Activate ChemDraw” Window will appear enter in required information. The activation code can be found in the Activation_License-WSU_ONLY! folder as a text file labeled “activation code”. Here is a link you can copy and past in case you can’t find the folder:

Step 5

6. You have now activated ChemDraw. After activating ChemDraw click “OK”.

Step 6

ChemDraw is now activated and ready to use.