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Department of Chemistry Fulmer IT

Installing ChemDraw 18.1 on Windows

* If you’re coming from an older version, you will need to install this version in order to have the latest activation/licensing

** Version 18.2 instructions incomplete due PerkinElmer making another licensing/activation change. Please use 18.1 until we’ve vetted the new activation process, thanks!


  1. Navigate to the Jukebox\ChemDrawProfessional\18.1\PC folder on Chem-Diamond3.Double-Click Install.exe.
  2. It should prompt you that it automatically activated.
    As long as you aren’t prompted to enter an activation code you’re good to go. If you’re prompted, follow the guide below.
    Click Next
  3. if you agree with the terms, Accept them and click Next.
  4. Select Default Setup.
  5. Click Next
  6. Click Next to allow it to install third-party features
  7. Click Install
  8. The install is complete


Manually Activating ChemDraw 18.1 on Windows

  1. Navigate to the Jukebox\ChemDrawProfessional\17.1\PC folder on Chem-Diamond3.
    Open and copy the activation code within ActivationCode-UseOnlyIfTutorialActivationFails.txt

    1.  Open ChemDraw and click on Help
    2.  Click on Activate ChemDraw Professional
    3. Enter the Activation Code from ActivationCode-UseOnlyIfTutorialActivationFails.txt (copied on step 1).
    4. ChemDraw is Activated!