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Department of Chemistry Fulmer IT

Chem-diamond3 for Windows 7 or 10

Chem-diamond3 is only accessible from the WSU Pullman campus. If you are off campus, you must connect to the VPN first, then connect to chem-diamond3.

While the screenshots are from Windows 10, the process is exactly the same for Windows 7

    1. Open File Explorer. If there is no icon for it on your taskbar, you can search for it in the start menu, or access it by pressing   Windows logo key Free Icon | Windows logo + E  
    2. In the address bar at the top, type
      and press Enter.
    3. will ask you to authenticate. Input your network id, prefaced with AD\ e.g. AD\butch as shown in the picture below.
      Do not include
    4. Troubleshooting: If your username is autofilled, you forgot to include the AD\, or for any reason you are unable to access the folder at this point, try the following:
      Select “More choices”

      Select “Use a different account”

      Type your username in with AD\ before it and hit Enter.

      If you are still unable to access the server, verify that you are connected to GlobalProtect. If so, contact FulmerIT for further assistance at
    5. should show its available resources. Some resources are shared printers, some are shared folders.

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