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Department of Chemistry Fulmer IT

Installing CSD Software

WARNING: This install requires ~30GB of FREE hard drive space to fully install.

Begin by navigating to The following webpage will be displayed.
Select Support & Resources from the top menubar (Black Arrow), and then select CSDS Dowloads (Red Arrow).

Input y
our WSU Email Address, the Site Number, and Confirmation Code associated with CSDS (This info is in Jukebox under “CSDS”).


Once the request has been submitted, you will receive an email (it should similar to the one below) in your WSU email inbox which includes a download link to the program.
Click on the Link shown (Red Arrow) and select download.

The file will be a .ZIP file (Compressed Folder).

Unzip this folder to your downloads folder

Double click the csds-windows.exe file to start the software install.

Select Next.


Read and Accept the agreement, and then click next.

Click Next.

Select “Visual C runtime” and click Next.

Select Next

Select Next


Input your Site Number, Confirmation Code, and your Email Address.  (Reminder: this is on Jukebox)

Click Next.

Wait for the installer to finish (this may take a while depending on your machine’s hardware)

Click Finish.

If all has gone correctly, the following screens should appear when you run the program. Select Yes.

Select Accept.

If this screen shows up, the installation process has been successful.