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Department of Chemistry Fulmer IT

Installing MathCAD Prime v3.1

  1. Connect to the Diamond3 server and browse to “Jukebox”
  2. On Jukebox, browse to: \\\Jukebox\MathCAD
  3. Copy the entire Prime3.1 directory to your desktop.  It’s about 1.1GB so it may take some time to copy over.  You’ll delete this folder when installation completes, so you’ll get that space back.
  4. Once the copy completes, open the Prime3.1 folder that you just copied and run the Setup.exe
    (click through the warning if one shows up)
  5. You should see the PTC Installation Assistant appear. Verify that Install new software is selected, then click Next:
  6. On the Software License Agreement page, select I accept... and check the confirmation box, then click Next: MathCadPrime31-IA2
  7. On the Application Selection page, leave the defaults and click Install:
  8. On the Application Installation page, Mathcad should start installing itself.  The icons to the right of each progress bar give options to Retry a failed install, or to get More Info on why a particular component failed to install. PTC Mathcad Viewable Support and PTC Diagnostic Tools may or may not install correctly depending on what other programs you have installed (ex: MathCAD v15).  As far as we can tell so far, as long as PTC Mathcad Prime completes successfully, that’s enough to get up and running.
  9. When installation completes, click Finish.

PTC Mathcad Prime 3.1 is now installed!  Now let’s get it activated!

Activating MathCAD Prime v3.1

  1. In your Start Menu find and run the PTC Mathcad License Wizard:
  2. Within the PTC Mathcad Licensing Wizard, select Configure product to use existing license, then click Next:
  3. On the Configure License page, select the PTC Mathcad Prime 3.1 checkbox, then click the server radio button and enter the (port 7788) license server information as shown below.  Then click Configure License:
  4. If everything went successfully, you should now have a results screen similar to below.  You may not have v15 already installed like it is in the example, but so long as PTC Mathcad Prime 3.1 has a filled checkbox, you’re good to go!
    Click Exit and you’re ready to start MathCAD-ing 🙂

Also, you can now delete the Prime3.1 directory from your desktop (Step #3)