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Department of Chemistry Fulmer IT

Installing Origin


3/13/2018 PM — “WONDERFUL NEWS EVERYONE!” Origin is now back ONLINE. Instructions to install can be found below.

3/13/2018 AM —

  • While we were successful in getting over the first hurdle, last night we hit a wall as a new license file needs to be generated, and unlike most of our other software packages, Origin (OriginLab) does not have automated license management like their peers, rather an actual human has to read our request and fulfill it.  I have no idea how long this will take as I’ve gone through the motions twice (including different contact methods) in the past 24hrs and have yet to receive a response, even by this morning.  As far as I can tell, once a new licensing file is received, completing the licensing server setup should only take a few minutes, but that new file is required to move forward.  90+% of the way there…
  • In the meantime, OriginLab suggests using the fully functional trial version as a  stop-gap which can be acquired here: Also, the new installation will be on a new server:
  • This also means that existing installs that point to the now Origin-less Chem-Diamond6 will not function even after the licensing is fixed.  We’re working to see how to connect older installs to the new licensing server, but that’s a distant 2nd in priority to just getting the new system up and functional. Again apologies for the inconvenience. Watch this space for updates.
  • Fully functional trial version can be acquired here.


Origin Pro is “a complete graphing and data analysis software package that provides a suite of features catering to the needs of scientists and engineers.”

It is available for Windows only. It is available to faculty, staff and graduate students.

We use a concurrent network license. You can install Origin Pro on as many computers as you like. Each computer must be connected to the Internet when you launch Origin. Remember that if you’re using Origin from off-campus (or even some flakey areas ON-campus via WiFi) you need to be on the WSU SSLVPN BEFORE firing up Origin.

Origin Pre-Requisite Installs:
Origin has historically required a multitude of Microsoft pre-req software packages, and this version has more than ever.  In an attempt to mitigate confusion and complexity, we have created a custom installation script that will automate steps and save you several dozen clicks.  It will install all pre-req packages you don’t already have, and skip ones you do, then it will install the main application.  PLEASE follow these directions closely!

  1. Browse to “Origin” on “Jukebox” on Chem-Diamond3
  2. COPY the “” file to your “Downloads” or “Desktop” or anywhere you’ll remember how to get back to.  This file can be deleted after install.
  3. Once copied locally to your computer UNZIP all contents to a new folder/sub-folder.  This folder can be deleted after install.
  4. Browse to the extracted files and double-click “Origin2018SR1-WSU_Chem_SETUP.bat” this will begin the automated installation process
  5. Depending on how many of the pre-requisite packages you already have you’ll get from 2-7  “click OK” type of security checks.  These are just verifying that you want to install all 6 packages, which you do if you want to use Origin.  For each verification, click on the affirmation-type answer (without automation each of these six packages would require going through half a dozen screens each, so 1 click-through/per is far less of a pain)
  6. Once you get through verifying all required pre-req packages the actually Origin installer will start itself, it also has been automated to minimize required user interaction.
  7. Did everything disappear?  GOOD!  You’re done!  Now check your START menu for Origin, which should look similar to this:
  8. Run the program!  Verify that it found the licensing server (, if it has issues finding the server it’ll tell you straight away.
    Last, this version has the help files removed as that brings the file size down by two thirds.  If needed they can be downloaded via the internal Origin Updater, as can Origin Central.