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Installing X11 on OS X

Versions 10.7 and later of the OS X operating system do not have X11 support. You must download an X11 application and install it.

  1. Using Spotlight, search for X11. The computer will respond with a message that X11 support can be downloaded from a web page.
    OS X directs users to the web for X11 support
  2. OS X loads a web page.
    Apple support page directs you to the xquartz project
  3. Click the link on the web page to the XQuartz project.
    home page for the XQuartz project
  4. Click the download link for the XQuartz disk image. the XQuartz disk image will be downloaded to your computer, and launched. Double click the XQuartz install package.
    XQuartz install package
  5. The XQuartz installation will begin. Click Continue.
    First screen of the XQuartz installation
  6. Read the important information, then click Continue.
    Read the important information
  7. Read the license, then click Continue.
    Accept the license agreement
  8. Agree to the license.
    Agree to the license
  9. Install for all users of the computer. Click Continue.
    Select an installation location
  10. Accept the default location. Click Install.
    Yea! The software is installed.
  11. Watch the application install.
    Watch the application install
  12. I missed the “successful installation” screen. But after that, XQuartz prompts you to log out and log back in.
    XQuartz prompts you to log off and log in again



Using XQuartz

Use Spotlight to find XQuartz. Launch the application.

  1. XQuartz will open a terminal. You must either launch a local X11 application, or, as in this case, connect to a remote computer and launch a remote application.
    XQuartz opens a terminal window
  2. Enter the connection string. In this example, we are connecting to with the account username and specifying that we want to receive X11 traffic. Because this is the first time we have connected to dirac from this computer, X11 prompts us to accept the key of the remote computer. Enter yes.
    Connecting to dirac the first time
  3. The key is stored. Enter the password for the account.
    Enter the password for the remote user name.
  4. The remote computer is ready to accept commands. Enter gv & to launch GaussView.
    Launch remote applications
  5. The remote application will be displayed on your desktop. When you are done, exit the application, then enter exit at the terminal.
    GaussView running on local X server