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Department of Chemistry Fulmer IT

Can I Keep My WSU Email?

*This is not yet official WSU policy for email access, more information will be provided as WSU works towards putting an official policy in place.

I am a student

Currently, WSU students get to keep their email indefinitely. They will lose access free access to Microsoft 365 applications such as Word and Excel, but their mailbox will remain untouched.

I am Staff

WSU Staff will keep their email account for 30 days after leaving WSU. They will have no access to Microsoft applications and WILL NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THEIR WSU EMAIL ACCOUNT AFTER 30 DAYS.

I am Faculty

WSU Faculty Will keep their email account for 13 months after leaving WSU.

*Please note this is subject to change once an official policy is put in place.*

If you have questions feel free to contact FulmerIT at: (509) 335-5864 or by email at: