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Installing NIST – Recently Updated

If you need help setting up NIST, please send a ticket to

NIST is a database that houses the National Institute of Standard and Technology. There are many prerequisites required in order to install NIST.  Here, we will step through each perquisite required.  One of the issues is that NIST only works on Windows XP, however Windows XP is antiquated and now is unsupported. To run XP, a virtual machine must be created. To install NIST virtual machine, begin by installing Hyper-V on your computer. This process works best for Windows 10, but should work on windows 7 and 8 as well.

Begin by opening Programs and Features from the start menu.

Then click on Turn Windows Features on or off. Scroll down to the Hyper-V drop down list.

Make sure all the items shown circled above are selected, and then press OK. Then, restart your computer. Once your computer is restarted, direct your file explorer to \\\jukebox\Nist. Then copy the Windows XP Mode folder to a secure location on your computer (such as the documents folder or root folder of your harddrive).

Having finished the copy procedure, open your start menu and open the Hyper-V program. The following screen will be displayed:

Click on the Import Virtual Machine button circled above. The following screen will be shown:

Click Next to select the folder containing the Windows XP Mode folder.

Once the nist folder has been selected, click next.

If the Windows XP Mode item is shown in the list above, then the process has been successful. Click through the rest of the prompts until the window closes. You should now see the Windows XP Mode virtual machine within Hyper-V.

Double click the Windows XP Mode Virtual Machine (Highlighted in Blue).

Once this screen is reached, click the teal start button icon from the action menu to boot Windows XP Mode. If all goes well, you will be prompted with the windows XP login screen.

The password is “Password”, with a capital P. After logging in open the start menu and select the one item listed. This will open NIST.

If you are greeted by the yellow glow, you are done.