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Department of Chemistry Fulmer IT

Connecting to the 305 Ricoh Printers

NEWS 10/29/2019 – Updated instructions for installing the new Ricoh on Windows 10 were posted previously. Instructions for doing so on Mac are now available.

NEWS 8/23/2019 – The large Ricoh 907EX has been replaced by a new Ricoh 8300, however we do not have drivers/documentation available yet.  Step-by-step instructions will be available ASAP!

The department provides two high-speed, high-capacity printers located in Fulmer 305. You can print to these printers over the network.

You must connect to the printers and then setup the PIN settings before you can use the printers.

Previously, Macs had issues connecting to the 907 specifically. We have yet to run into problems connecting to either printer on Mac, as of the installation of the new Ricoh 8300S. See link above for instructions.