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Department of Chemistry Fulmer IT

Printing in Fulmer

Printers in 401

There is free printing in the chemistry study lounge, room 401. Printing in this room is available to undergraduates enrolled in a chemistry class, undergraduate chemistry majors, faculty, and staff. Undergraduates in a chemistry course have a page limit of 200 pages, chemistry majors have a page limit of 400 pages.

Graduate students, faculty, and staff may use 401 to print as well but it is preferred you use your labs/office printer or the 305 printers.
Larger print jobs should should always be done using the Large Duty printers in Fulmer 305 (See below).

Printers in 305

Printer is 305 are available for graduate students, faculty, and staff to use. You will need to install printer drivers to be able to print. When the printer driver is installed you will need to setup the hold print passcode for the printer. A link to a tutorial on how to install the printers and a tutorial on the hold print passcode setup can be found below.

Installing the Drivers for the 305 printers

Configure the “Hold Print” passcode

There is one colored printer and one black and white printer. The colored printer is the smaller printer (Marvette) and the larger printer is the black and white printer.

Lab and Office Printers

Lab printers and personal office printers for faculty are not provided by Fulmer IT. You will need to use your own funds to purchase a printer for your lab or office. We our more than willing to make brand or model recommendations for printers though. Please feel free to call, email, or stop in to ask questions.