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Department of Chemistry Fulmer IT

Connect my Voicemail to Email

Faculty and staff have the option of receiving voice mail messages in their email. This is a feature of the Cisco phone system and the Exchange mail server. Students are not on the Exchange mail server and do not have this option. This feature is called Single Inbox Messaging (SIM).

Request Single Inbox Messaging

IT connects your voice mail to your email by request. To request this feature, send this information to

  • Your name
  • Your building and room number
  • Your 5 digit phone number
  • Your network id
  • Your WSU number
  • Your WSU email address

We will forward this information to IT. IT will activate your single inbox.

Using Single Inbox Messaging

Voice mail will be copied to your email. The voice mail will still exist on the voice mail system. However the voice mail light on your Cisco phone will be off after the message has been copied to your inbox.

These screenshots are from Microsoft Outlook. The presentation of messages will be different in different email clients.

  1. A voice mail is copied to your email inbox.
  2. Double click the email attachment. Your default audio player will launch and you will hear the message through your audio playback device (e.g. speakers).