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Department of Chemistry Fulmer IT

VPN for Windows

You will need to be on campus connected to either WSU Wireless or a wired Ethernet connection to access Chem-Diamond3.

If you’re off campus, you may go directly to Cisco’s website OR to download the client AND skip to step 4.

  1. Navigate to Jukebox on Chem-Diamond3. Instructions on how to connect to chem-diamond3 can be found here
  2. Navigate to the CiscoVPN folder.
  3. Double-Click the anyconnect-win-4.2.04039-web-deploy-k9.exe file to open the installer and click Run.
  4. Click next through the next few pages and click Install

  5. At this point the program is installed and you should be able to connect to the VPN by using and your WSU Network ID.