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Department of Chemistry Fulmer IT

Finding Your Physical Address

Before you can use the wired network, you must enter some identifying information about your PC with IT. This information is the physical address burned into the Ethernet chip on your computer. The physical address is also known as the MAC address. All Ethernet chips have a MAC address and each is unique. You must find the MAC address for your wired adapter and then register it with WSU IT.

  1. Open a command prompt and enter the command ipconfig /all.
    Enter the command ipconfig /all
  2. The command interpreter will return with information about your network cards. It is righteously important that you scroll through the output and read the description of each adapter. Your PC will have several adapters listed in the output. Find the description that is most like a wired connection e.g. Intel 845 Controller or Realtek Family Controller. When you have found the correct adapter, record the physical address.
    Find the physical address

Registering Your Physical Address

You must register the physical address with IT. This only has to be done once.

  1. Open a browser and go to Authenticate with your network id.
    log onto
  2. If the web page returns an error, try refreshing the page. You should see this page. Click the Pullman Staff & Faculty link.
    Follow the link for faculty and staff
  3. This will bring up the WSU workstation registration form. Enter the physical address in the first text box. Complete the remaining fields with appropriate information. When complete, click the Click here to continue button.
    Complete the form
  4. The form will check your entries for errors. Correct any errors and resubmit. When the form has been successfully submitted, you will see a page like this.
    Successful registration at
  5. You can now connect your wired adapter to any functional outlet.