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Department of Chemistry Fulmer IT

Connecting to WSU Guest

WSU maintains a wireless network for visitors to WSU. The name of the network is WSU Guest. WSU Guest requires a name and password to join. ANYONE can use this WiFi. They DO NOT need a WSU email address.

  1. When you connect to the WSU Guest WiFi, it will bring up a login page. Enter your email address if this is your first time registering in the past 3 days. Otherwise, choose, “Log in”.
  2. The page will generate a password for you. As shown, it is only valid for 3 days, at which time you will have to re-register. You can use the same email to register multiple times.
  3. Log in with the password provided, and you’re good to go for the next three days.
  4. ITS’ website has a few more details that can be found at: WSU Guest Wireless