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Department of Chemistry Louis Scudiero

Scudiero, Louis

Professor, Career Track

Fulmer 261A
Pullman, WA 99164-4630

(509) 335-2669


Ph.D. Materials Science-Physics, 2002
Washington State University, Pullman, WA

M.S. Physics, 1993
Washington State University, Pullman, WA

DEST Physics Instruments, 1989
Universite de Metz, Metz, France


Study of model layered bimetallic materials and core-shell and alloy nanoparticles for formic acid oxidation for portable fuel cells (DFAFCs). The perturbation of the electronic properties of these bimetallic materials changes the surface chemical property of the overlayer metal (Pd). Shift in binding energy of core levels measured by XPS and of the d-band centers away from the Fermi level produced by the adlayer metal (Pd) on transition metals determined by UPS are used in combination with cyclic voltammetry to probe the bimetallic materials as advanced catalysts. These bimetallic systems are characterized by XPS, UPS, and AFM and tested by cyclic voltammetry and amperometry. This research is conducted in collaboration with Prof. Su Ha (ChemE, WSU).  A similar research in alkaline media (electrochemical oxidation of formate) is conducted in collaboration with Prof. Haan at CSUF.

In addition, we are exploring new syntheses to develop bimetallic catalysts for the reduction of CO2 to formate/formic acid with improved electrochemical properties such as high faradaic efficient, low overpotential and current density about 300mA/cm2.

A second field of interest is organic solar cells. Polymers such as P3HT, PCBM, C60(CN)2 and newly synthesized oligomers (D-A-D), and blends are investigated as thin films spin coated on different conducting substrates by XPS, UPS and AFM. Devices are made and current-voltage measurements are performed to evaluate the open circuit voltage (Voc) and power conversion which are a measure of the efficiency of the organic photovoltaic device. Currently, we are investigating the properties of methylammonium lead iodide perovskite (MAPbI3) as light sensitizer for photovoltaic cells in collaboration with Prof. Gupta and Choi at the University of Virginia.

Study and development of a protein base solid polymer electrolyte (SPE) in collaboration with Prof. Zhong for Li-ion battery applications.  The electronic and mechanical properties of soy protein isolate combined with PEO and Li salt are investigated as potential electrolyte for Li ion battery. In addition, we are investigating the soy protein and its properties as filtering materials for environmental friendly air filtering systems.


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