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Welcome to the Island of Dr. Moreau Moreau research group

Group News

May 2021

May 3

Dr. Moreau (in collaboration with Dr. Jeff Bell, WSU Chemistry) was awarded a New Faculty Seed Grant! We are glad to be able to move forward with our joint research on electrochemical-mediated synthesis of uranium oxide nanoparticles. New Faculty Seed Grant | ORAP – The Office of Research Advancement and Partnerships | Washington State University (

The Moreau lab has gone officially RAD! We have received our first shipment of radioactive compounds which we will convert into nanomaterials.


April 2021

April 19

Congratulations to graduate researcher Hannah Johnson for being awarded the prestigious NEUP IUP fellowship (NEUP – Fellowship Information (! The fellowship will support Hannah’s research for the next three years of her PhD, and enable her to pursue a national lab internship.

April 13

The Moreau lab goes air-free! The inert atmosphere gloveboxes have arrived. We are excited to do some synthesis using our new equipment!

April 12

Dr. Moreau became a senior investigator with the Actinide Center for Excellence! The group looks forward to pursuing nanoscale actinide chemistry work with other groups across U.S. universities to work towards carving out new territory in the actinide research landscape. Home (

April 6

Congratulations to undergraduate researcher Acacia Dasher for being selected for the prestigious Boeing Scholars program! She is one of only two students from the WSU College of Arts and Sciences to be selected. She will participate in a multidisciplinary design course to address Boeing-sponsored projects with both engineering and business components. Information about the Boeing Scholars program can be found here: Boeing Scholars Program | Carson College of Business | Washington State University (

April 1

Dr. Moreau was invited to present a talk in the XAS Journal Club seminar series. A video of her talk can be found online at the following link: XAS Journal Club Liane Moreau: Synthesis and XAS of mixed uranium oxides at the nanoscale – YouTube


March 2021

March 22

Thank you to Dr. Kristina Kvashnina for giving a seminar at WSU! We all learned more about high resolution spectroscopy as applied to lanthanide and actinide systems.

March 21

Webpage is live! While our group has been active since July 2020, news items will be added from current day. We look forward to sharing updates with you.