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College of Arts and Sciences Department of Chemistry

How to Install MarvinSketch (PC)

MarvinSketch allows users to quickly draw molecules through basic functions on the GUI and advanced functionalities such as sprout drawing, customisable shortcuts, abbreviated groups, default and user-defined templates and context-sensitive popup menus.

To install MarvinSketch you must be able to access jukebox via Chem-diamond3. To access chem-diamond3 a tutorial can be found here. Once on jukebox, navigate to the MarvinSketch Folder Once in the MarvinSketch folder navigate to the Windows folder if you are on a PC. If you are not on a PC then please see one of our other tutorials.

Select the correct folder depending on whether your operating system is 32 bit or 64 bit.

Double-click on the “Marvin_windows-x64_17.22.0” to run the installer.

A window will pop-up. Click “Run” To run the installer.

Once the installer is loaded a window will pop up. Check the box to accept the terms and conditions. The hit next to continue.

Select the “Standard installation” and click next to continue.

The program will install. Once the program has installed click the finish button to finish the installation.

You can now use MarvinSketch!