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College of Arts and Sciences Department of Chemistry

Graded Course Requirements (Minimum)

# of Courses                 Type of courses

6                                  3 Credit Lecture Courses
5                                  1 Credit Seminar Courses (Chem 593)
Variable                       5 Credits of electives

Total = 28 graded credit hours.

The Committee and the Preliminary Exams

The committee MUST consist of at least one member from two of the divisions of the chemistry department, and will have at least 4 committee members, total.  The student should select a committee by the start of the second year.  The preliminary exam will be written by the students dissertation committee and will be offered whenever the committee as a whole determines that the student is prepared to take it.  The exam will consist of two written and one oral portions.  The written exams will be: (1| a 6 hour exam over fundamentals as reflected in the required course work, and (2| a proposal that follows NSF format, must contain original preliminary data.  The first written exam will be based on the content of four of the required course.  The student’s committee selects which courses best reflect the students research goals and will provide the student with that list at least 1 semester prior to the date of the written exam.

Required Courses

Chem 531 or 532 — Advanced Physical Chemistry (3)
Chem 501 — Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (3) OR Chem 542 — Advanced Organic Chemistry (3)
Chem 480 — Solid State Chemistry (3)
Chem 593 — Seminar (1) (to be taken 5 times)
MSE 505 — Advanced Materials Science (3)
MATSE 571 — Microscopic Analysis of Solids and Surfaces (3)

Chem 590 (1)

Chem 555 (1)
22 hours

plus 6 credit hours of electives drawn from the Colleges of Science or Engineering.
28 hours

Optional recommended elective English 545, Graduate Student Writing Workshop