Qiang Zhang

  1. Associate Professor
Email Addressq.zhang@wsu.edu
LocationTroy 220


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Ph.D., Inorganic Chemistry, 2013
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of South Carolina (USC), Columbia, SC

Supervisor: Professor Richard D. Adams

B.S.Chemistry, 2008
College of Chemistry, Jilin University, Changchun, China

Supervisor: Professor Bai Yang

Professional Experience

Associate Professor, 2024-present
Assistant Professor, 2016-2024
Department of Chemistry, Washington State University

Post-Doctoral Researcher, 2013-2016
Department of Chemistry, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

Supervisor: Professor Hong-Cai  “Joe” Zhou

The Small Molecule & Multi-functional Materials Group

Within the Zhang Laboratory, our research is dedicated to the exploration and refinement of advanced functional materials to augment their efficacy across a spectrum of applications such as catalysis, separation, nuclear science, and sensing.

Current research endeavors within the laboratory encompass:

  • The innovation of cost-effective and straightforward methodologies for the synthesis of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) with enhanced properties.
  • In-depth investigations into the thermal behavior, thermodynamics, and kinetic properties of MOFs within various environmental contexts to elucidate factors influencing their stability.
  • The strategic development of MOFs as substrates for catalytically active species to amplify catalytic performance.
  • The design and synthesis of MOFs utilizing radioactive precursors.
  • The utilization of MOFs as precursor materials for the production of highly sought-after compounds otherwise unattainable through conventional means.
  • The conceptualization and fabrication of advanced materials tailored for the separation of small molecules.
  • The design and creation of metal-oxide-based supports to engineer highly proficient catalytic systems.
  • The manipulation of morphology and surface chemistry in two-dimensional materials to bolster their catalytic effectiveness.
  • The design and synthesis of transition metal cluster complexes and their subsequent integration into porous matrices for the purpose of property enhancement.

Members of the Zhang group will receive comprehensive training in a multitude of areas including both inorganic and organic synthesis, air-sensitive compound management, chromatographic techniques (column and thin-layer), powder X-ray diffraction analysis, single-crystal X-ray crystallography, spectroscopic methods (UV-visible, FTIR, Fluorescence, NMR), microscopy techniques (TEM, SEM), XRF, as well as proficiency in various research-oriented software applications.

Selected Publications

“NiFe Nanoparticle Nest Supported on Graphene as Electrocatalyst for Highly Efficient Oxygen Evolution Reaction” Zhaoyuan Lyu, Sheng Yu, Maoyu Wang, Peter Tieu, Jiachi Zhou, Qiurong Shi, Dan Du, Zhenxing Feng, Xiaoqing Pan, Hongfei Lin, Shichao Ding,* Qiang Zhang,* Yuehe Lin, * Small 20232308278

“Synergetic Catalytic Effect in Functionalized HP-MOF System for Boosted Catalytic Performances” Jiahong Li,  Lauren V. Forseth, Vitaliy G. Goncharov, Haixin Zhang, Matthew J. Hurlock,  Xiaofeng Guo, * and Qiang Zhang*, Chem. Eng. J. 2023476, 146634 (Invited)  

“Advanced Materials Design for Adsorption of Toxic Substances in Cigarette Smoke” Ting Zeng, Yanxia Liu, Yingfang Jiang, Lan Zhang, Yagang Zhang,* Lin Zhao, Xiaoli Jiang, and Qiang Zhang* Adv. Sci. 2023, 2301834.

“Energetic Systematics of Metal–Organic Frameworks: A Case Study of Al(III)-Trimesate MOF Isomers” Jiahong Li, Vitaliy G. Goncharov, Andrew C. Strzelecki, Hongwu Xu, Xiaofeng Guo*, and Qiang Zhang* Inorg. Chem. 2022, 61, 38, 15152–15165.

“Acetone to Isobutene Conversion on ZnxTiyOz: Effects of TiO2 Facet” Li, Houqian; Hurlock, Matthew J.; Sudduth, Berlin; Li, Junrui; Sun, Junming; Zhang, Qiang, Wang, Yong,Journal of Catalysis2022, 410, 236-245.

“MOF-Enabled Ion-Regulating Gel Electrolyte for Long-Cycling Lithium Metal Batteries Under High Voltage” Fu, Xuewei, Hurlock, Matthew J. , Ding, Chenfeng, Li, Xiaoyu, Zhang, Qiang,* Zhong, Wei-Hong*, Small2022, 18, 9, 2106225.

“Selective hydroxylation of aryl iodides to produce phenols under mild conditions using a supported copper catalyst” Leiduan Hao, Anika Auni, Guodong Ding, * Xiaoyu Li,  Haiping Xu,
Tao Li * and Qiang Zhang *,RSC Adv.2021,11, 25348-25353.

“Evolution of 14-Connected Zr6 Secondary Building Units through Postsynthetic Linker Incorporation” Matthew J. Hurlock, Leiduan Hao, Kyle W. Kriegsman, Xiaofeng Guo, Michael O’Keeffe,* and Qiang Zhang* ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces2021, 13, 44, 51945-51953. (Invited manuscript, Emerging Materials for Catalysis and Energy Applications — A Special Forum in Memory of Prof. Chia-Kuang (Frank) Tsung)

“Zr-based MOFs for oxidative desulfurization: What matters?” Leiduan Hao, Sebastian A Stoian Lydia, R. Weddle and Qiang Zhang*,  Green Chem., 2020, 22, 6351-6356.

“Microwave-assisted Synthesis of Zirconium Phosphate Nanoplatelets Supported Ru-Anadem Nano-structures and Their Catalytic Study for the Hydrogenation of Acetophenone” Li, Xiaoyu; Ding, Guodong; Thompson, Brena; Hao, Leiduan; Deming, Derek; Heiden, Zachariah; Zhang, Qiang* ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces. 2020, 12, 27, 30670–30679.

“Atomically dispersed palladium catalyses Suzuki–Miyaura reactions under phosphine-free conditions” Guodong Ding, Leiduan Hao, Haiping Xu, Liguang Wang, Jian Chen, Tao Li*, Xinman Tu* & Qiang Zhang*, Comm. Chem.20203, Article number: 43.

“Efficient Oxidative Desulfurization Using a Mesoporous Zr-based MOF” Leiduan Hao, Matthew J. Hurlock, Xiaoyu Li, Guodong Ding, Kyle W. Kriegsman, Xiaofeng Guo, Qiang Zhang, Catal. Today2020350, 64-70

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“Hierarchically porous UiO-66: Facile synthesis, characterization and application” Leiduan Hao, Xiaoyu Li, Matthew J. Hurlock, Xin-Man Tu and Qiang Zhang Chem. Comm. 2018, 54, 11817-11820.

“Adsorptive removal of p-nitrophenol from water with mechano-synthesized porous organic polymers” Heng Zeng, Weigang Lu, Leiduan Hao, Gregory Helms, Qiang Zhang and Zhiping Luo New J. Chem.2018,42, 20205-20211.

“Hierarchically porous UiO-66: Facile synthesis, characterization and application” Leiduan Hao, Xiaoyu Li, Matthew J. Hurlock, Xin-Man Tu and Qiang Zhang Chem. Comm. 2018, 54, 11817-11820.

“Molecular Association Induced Emission Shifts for E/Z Isomers and Selective Sensing of Nitroaromatic Explosives” Matthew J. Hurlock, Yuwei Kan, Thibaut Martin, Joseph L. Lapka, Kenneth L. Nash and Qiang Zhang CrystGrowth Des.2018, 18 (10), pp 6197–6203.

“Thermodynamically Guided Synthesis of Mixed-Linker Zr-MOFs with Enhanced Tunability”, Yuan, S.; Qin, J.-S.; Zou, L.; Chen, Y.-P.; Wang, X.; Zhang, Q.; Zhou, H.-C., J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2016138 (20), 6636–6642.

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Netzer, N. ; Gunawidjaja, R.; Hiemstra, M.; Zhang, Q.; Tsukruk, V. V. and Jiang, C.* “Formation and Optical Properties of Compression-Induced Nanoscale Buckles on Silver Nanowires.” ACS Nano 20093, 1795-1802.