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  • WSU research behind potential game-changing Alzheimer’s drug

    Medicinal chemist and now-adjunct professor of psychology Joe Harding was in his lab at Washington State University trying to isolate, purify, and clone the protein receptor for the hormone angiotensin II when he noticed something unusual but interesting.

    It was 1991 and Harding was researching potential new options for relieving high blood pressure, but if the anomalies showing up in his lab tests meant what he thought they might, he and his research partner, fellow WSU scientist and then-professor in the Department of Psychology, Jay Wright, were on the brink of a different breakthrough.

    In the years that followed, the WSU scientists discovered that a … » More …

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  • Nuclear Science Center to acquire high‑resolution X‑ray spectrometer

    The Nuclear Science Center, in collaboration with the Department of Chemistry and the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, will acquire a new high-resolution X-ray spectrometer to perform both X-ray absorption and emission spectroscopy.

    “Nuclear science and technology has been a flagship program at WSU for decades. Having the advanced lab-based spectrometer focusing on actinides and other nuclear material investigations will greatly expand research and development opportunities while also bringing together researchers from multiple disciplines,” said Xiaofeng Guo, assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry and lead principal investigator on the instrumentation grant.

    The X-ray spectrometer will improve the infrastructure for both research and development … » More …

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  • Four junior CAS faculty among eight awarded WSU seed grants

    From the impact of a Universal Basic Income to safer nuclear fuel to muscle genes in trout – this year’s eight New Faculty Seed Grant awards span a wide range of topics and disciplines. The program, which is funded through WSU’s Office of Research and the President and Provost offices, awarded a total of $155,370 this year.

    The New Faculty Seed Grant program helps junior faculty build a foundation for their research and creative programs. This kick-start funding also provides a basis for faculty to apply for extramural funding and creates opportunities for professional growth.

    The four CAS faculty seed grant awardees are: Mariana Amorim … » More …

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  • Students to use at-home lab kits for online summer chemistry courses

    To allow students to complete hands-on lab requirements while transitioned to remote instruction due to COVID-19, Washington State University’s Department of Chemistry will mail lab kits to students taking undergraduate chemistry courses during the Summer 2020 term.

    According to Greg Crouch, a clinical professor in the Department of Chemistry and associate chair for undergraduate studies, this is the first time WSU’s chemistry department has utilized kits to teach laboratory concepts to students at home.

    Alongside a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous instruction, the courses will use lab simulations and other visualization tools to round out the student experience.

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    <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener ... » More …

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  • Showcase faculty, staff award winners announced

    Eight members of CAS faculty were among faculty and staff selected for University-wide, Showcase 2020 awards, which recognize their scholarly achievements and professional acumen. They are:

    Katie Cooper.Association for Faculty Women Samuel H. Smith Leadership Award
    Catherine “Katie” Marguerite Cooper
    School of the Environment


    Donald Matteson.Emeritus Society Legacy of Excellence Award
    Don Matteson
    Professor Emeritus of Chemistry


    Kimberly Christen.Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award
    Kim Christen
    Digital Technology and Culture Program/Center for Digital Scholarship and Curation


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  • Chemist among four WSU faculty named AAAS Fellows

    Four WSU faculty members, including professor of chemistry Aurora Clark, were recently elected as Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), a high honor recognizing their contributions to science and technology.

    This year a total of 443 scholars from a range of disciplines were chosen by their peers on the Council of AAAS to become new Fellows. They will receive official certificates and rosette pins in a ceremony on Feb. 15, 2020, during the AAAS Annual Meeting in Seattle.

    Clark is director of the Center for Institutional Research Computing and deputy director of the IDREAM Energy Frontier Research Center. Her research includes modeling of complex, … » More …

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  • WSU students dedicate innovative artwork to Kamiak Elementary School, community

    Imagine a large, outdoor painting that changes colors when warmed by the sun or by the touch of a child’s hand and shifts hues again in cool rain and winter’s chill.

    Two such temperature-sensitive paintings are among four vibrant murals created this fall through a unique collaboration between Washington State University artists and chemists for public display at Kamiak Elementary School in Pullman. The innovative paintings will be dedicated to the new elementary school and surrounding community on Monday, Oct. 21, at 4 p.m.

    The free, public event will be held on the school playground at 1400 NW Terre View Dr. or, in case of rain, in the school library.

    “Our … » More …

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  • WSU undergraduate education benefits from eight Smith Teaching and Learning grants

    Amy Nielsen, clinical assistant professor of chemistry, and Joe Hedges, assistant professor and coordinator in the Dept. of Fine Arts, are developing a new course in which students will learn the chemical origins of color perception and create painting projects from pigments they have synthesized themselves in the laboratory.

    Their project, “Chemistry and Art: Exploring the Painted Surface,” uses lecture, lab, and studio venues to foster students’ formation of a tactile link between chemistry and painting. It also looks at the evolution of colored pigments from natural ones used in cave paintings to the development and industrial synthesis of modern chemical pigments in the 20thcentury … » More …

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  • 3 CAS faculty awarded WSU seed grants

    Washington State University has awarded 10 New Faculty Seed Grants (NFSG) to encourage the development of research, scholarly, or creative programs. The program supports projects that will significantly contribute to the researchers’ long range goals by kick-starting a more complex project or idea. The seed funding to junior faculty helps build the foundation for their research programs, allowing recipients to gather preliminary data, build collaborations, or establish creative programs. The funding also effectively provides a basis for faculty to seek extramural funding as well as opportunities for professional growth.

    The Office of Research, the Office of the President, and the Office of the Provost fund … » More …

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  • Dr. Universe: What are molecules?

    Qiang Jack Zhang.A glass of water has more molecules than there are stars in the night sky. That’s what I found out from my friend Jack (Qiang) Zhang, an assistant professor of chemistry at Washington State University.

    “Everything around us is made up of molecules,” he said. “And while these molecules may be different, they are all made of the same things.”

    Those things are called atoms. Zhang told me we can think about atoms kind of like Lego blocks. Imagine that you have a pile of red Legos, yellow Legos, and blue Legos. Maybe you use … » More …

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