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College of Arts and Sciences Department of Chemistry

Teaching Assistant Job Description

General Chemistry (101, 102, 105, 106)

General chemistry undergraduate teaching assistants are assigned one laboratory course section that consists of approximately 24 students.  Under special circumstances, an undergraduate TA may request a second section.  For each section, the TA duties include:

  • prepare and facilitate the 50 minute pre-lab tutorial
  • supervise one two or three hour laboratory period each week
  • grade laboratory reports for all students enrolled in your section
  • enforce all safety regulations
  • attend the course lecture
  • attend weekly TA meetings (Mondays 5PM – 6PM)
  • hold one 50 minute office hour period each week
  • proctor three hour-long midterm exams and one three hour final exam
  • assist in proctoring weekly quizzes
  • keep records of student grades and update the on-line gradebook for the students enrolled in your    section(s)
  • provide feedback and assistance to the course instructor as requested

The minimum qualifications for General Chemistry Teaching Assistants:

  • must have successfully completed the 105/106 general chemistry sequence and one additional year of    chemistry courses
  • completed 60 college credits (junior standing)
  • have a GPA of at least 3.2 for juniors, and 3.0 for seniors.

Equivalent course work at a transfer institution will be considered by individual interview.

All first-time TAs must attend the TA training in August the week before classes begin.  There is a mandatory meeting the Friday before the semester begins that all TAs must attend.  TAs are expected to remain on campus for a meeting with course instructors to assist in assigning grades in the two days following the final exam.  Teaching assistants are provided the course textbook, laboratory manual, goggles, lab coat, gradebook, and whenever possible, desk space in Fulmer Hall.  Applicants need not qualify for work study.

A TA is assigned to one of the four general chemistry courses based on the courses appearing on their transcript, demonstrated area of strength (by TA Advisory Exam), and course schedule.  Preference will be given to those TAs who successfully served as a teaching assistant during the previous semester, complete all parts of Chemistry 555 (Teaching Undergraduate Chemistry), and have taken general chemistry at Washington State University.