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Department of Chemistry Ursula Mazur Group

Picture of the Mazur Group

Back Row (left to right): Kevin Marchbanks-Owens, Marshall Van Zijll, Bryan Borders.

Front Row (left to right): Elise Held, Goutam Nandi, Ashish Bhattarai, Bashkar Chikuri, Morteza Adinehnia, Abdolreza Jahanbekam.


Picture of Ursula Mazur with students

Bottom Row: Bryan Wiggins (left), Dr. Ursula Mazur (right)

Front Row: Naomi Rosenkranz (REU student)
Back Row (left to right): Kevin Marchbanks-Owens (REU student), Ashish Bhattarai, Bashkar Chikuri, Bryan Borders, Jeremy Eskelsen, Abdolreza Jahanbekam, Morteza Adinehnia

Mazur/Hipps Research Group