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Welcome to the Island of Dr. Moreau Moreau research group

Group members

Principal Investigator

Liane M. Moreau

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry
Materials Science and Engineering Program Faculty Member
Postdoctoral Study, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (2017-2020)
PhD Northwestern University (Materials Science and Engineering, 2017)
BS Cornell University (Materials Science and Engineering, 2012)
Email: | Phone: 509-335-6073 | Office: Troy 224
Faculty webpage:


Graduate Researchers

Hannah M. Johnson

Hometown: Carrollton, Georgia
BS University of Georgia (Chemistry)
Joined group: Fall 2020 (Inorganic chemistry, co-advised with Prof. Qiang Zhang)
Research areas: Actinide nanoparticles in porous frameworks, Bimetallic nanostructures, X-ray scattering
Favorite animal: Snake
Fun fact: Plays the marimba


Ashley D. Knapp

Hometown: California
BS California State University (Chemistry)
Joined group: Fall 2020 (Materials chemistry)
Research areas: Transition metal/actinide hybrid particles, core/shell nanoparticles, X-ray absorption spectroscopy
Favorite animal: Tiger



Undergraduate Researchers

Acacia M. Dasher

Hometown: Pueblo, Colorado
Major: Chemistry BS; Pre-medicine
Joined group: Fall 2020
Research area: Ultra-small Au nanoparticles for radiotherapy, surface ligand structure and exchange
Favorite animal: Octopus



Katherine (Kat) J. Busiek

Hometown: Camas, Washington
Major: Chemistry BS
Joined Group: Fall 2020
Research area: Iron oxide nanoparticles in aqueous solution for radiotherapy and medical imaging
Favorite animal: Opossum



Spencer D. Miyake

Hometown: Everett, Washington
Major: Chemistry BS (Math minor)
Joined Group: Spring 2021
Research area: Cerium oxide nanoparticle synthesis; nanocubes
Favorite animal: Wolf
Fun facts: third degree black belt in taekwondo, enjoys black licorice, and skiing



Holly A. Heckerman

Hometown: Spokane, Washington
Major: Biology BS, Chemistry minor; Pre-medicine
Joined Group: Spring 2021
Research area: Nanoparticle dopants for medical applications
Favorite animal: King cobra



Alex H. Wilmoth

Hometown: Washougal, Washington
Major: Chemistry BS; Pre-medicine
Joined Group: Spring 2021 (co-supervised with Prof. Jeff Bell)
Research area: Electrochemical formation of uranium oxide particles
Favorite animal: wooly mammoth