Department Seminars

The 2021-2022 department seminar schedule was filled with compelling speakers from around the country. Our department seminars take place on Monday afternoons during the academic year and are open to everyone.

Spring 2021

2/1/2021 Anatoly Frenkel, Stony Brook University, “Decoding Reactive Structures in Nanocatalysts Hidden in their X-ray Absorption Spectra”

2/8/2021, Laura Bartley, Washington State University, “Altering cell wall phenolic acids to improve biomass for biorefining”

2/22/2021, Xiaofeng Guo, Washington State University, “Thermodynamics of f-block solid state materials”

3/1/2021, Amanda Lines, PNNL, “On-line monitoring and sensor development: building our tool kits to understand and advance nuclear fuel cycles”

3/8/2021, Jonathan Owen, Columbia University, “The Mechanisms Governing Size andSize Distributions in the Synthesis of Colloidal Quantum Dots”

3/15/2021, Pete Reilly, Washington State University, “Developing Digital Waveform Mass Spectrometry”

3/22/2021, Kristina Kvashnina, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, “X-ray Spectroscopy for Actinide Science”

3/29/2021, Greg Brabeck, Excellims, “Nonlinear Acceleration in Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry”

4/12/2021, Arden Perkins, University of Oregon, “Sulfur oxidation at the center of bacterial pathogenesis”

Fall 2021

9/27/2021, Choong-Shik Yoo, Washington State University, “Chemistry under Extreme Conditions (XCHEM)”

10/11/2021, Jerome Delhommelle, University of North Dakota, “Assembly, Cooperativity, and Emergence: From the AI-Guided Formation of Materials to the Onset of Soft Matter Robotics”

10/25/2021, Anna Krylov, University of Southern California, “New and old challenges in spectroscopy modeling”

11/1/2021, Joanie Hevel, Utah State University, “Naturally occurring cancer-associated mutations disrupt oligomerization and activity of Protein Arginine Methyltransferase 1 (PRMT1)”

11/8/2021, J. David Robertson, University of Missouri, “From Out of the Blue: Radioisotopes for Targeted Radiotherapy at MURR”

11/15/2021, Richard L. Brutchey, University of Southern California, “Molecular Programming the Phase Determination of Colloidal Nanocrystals”

11/29/2021, Su Ha, Washington State University, “Caustic Aqueous Phase Electrochemical Reforming (CAPER) for Process Intensified Hydrogen Production”

12/6/2021, Jennifer Heemstra, Emory University, “A chemical biology toolbox for probing A-to-I RNA editing”

Spring 2022

1/24/2022, Luyi Sun, University of Connecticut, “Multifunctional Biomimetic Nanocoatings”1/31/2022, Jorge L. Colon, University of Puerto Rico, “Electrocatalysis and Drug Delivery Using Layered Zirconium Phosphate Nanomaterials”

2/7/2022, Jeffrey G. Catalano, Washington University in St. Louis, “Controls on Interfacial Water Structure near Oxide Mineral Surfaces: Implication for Environmental Reactivity”

2/28/2022, Peter Burns, University of Notre Dame, “Uranium Mineralogy, Nanomaterials, and Nuclear Waste Management”

3/7/2022, Steven Tait, Indiana University, “Metal-ligand complexation on flat surfaces and on powder supports for single-site heterogeneous catalysis”

3/14/2022, Helmut Kirchhoff, Washington State University, “From Molecules to Membranes: The Dynamic Architecture of Photosynthetic Membranes in Plants

3/25/2022, Sergei Tretiak, LANL, “Machine Learning for materials and chemical dynamics”

4/18/2022, Christian Ruby, University de Lorraine, “Structure and Reactivity of Iron Oxides: The Usefulness of Mössbauer Spectroscopy”

4/25/2022, Shengqian Ma, University of North Texas, “Porous Organic Polymer-based Nanotraps for Radionuclide Sequestration”