New Staff

Meet Sarah Oesch Miller

Graduate Program Coordinator

Sarah moved to Pullman in fall 2020 to be with her spouse, a veterinary student at WSU. Sarah and her husband, Curtis, welcomed an adorable mini Aussie/border collie puppy in November 2020. Sarah loves to bake, cook, read, and walk. Sarah graduated from Goshen College in Goshen, Indiana, in spring 2020 with a bachelor of arts degree in English. She is happy to be part of the chemistry department and enjoys working with the graduate students.

Meet Duncan Lester

Instruction & Classroom Support Technician

Duncan is a recent graduate of the University of Idaho chemistry department. Here at WSU he supports the organic and general chemistry classes by providing reagents and materials as well as supervision in case of spills or other emergencies. Duncan enjoys hobbyist electronics and video games in his free time, and keeps his tuxedo cat, Beans, from stealing lunch meat and other treats.

Meet Kyle Reece

Instruction & Classroom Support Technician

Kyle Reece moved here from Indiana, where he studied biology at Ball State University. His main duties in his new post are preparing and maintaining the 100- level labs. His hobbies include cooking, taking classes at Gladish Community Center, and being very bad at disc golf. Outside of work you will most likely find him being chased by his dog, Luna.

Meet Yuwei Kan

Stockroom Manager

Yuwei Kan was born in Changchun, China. In 2008, she started graduate study in chemistry and biochemistry at the University of South Carolina. Her dissertation was about the synthesis of new ruthenium and osmium carbonyl cluster complexes with main group bridging ligands and the investigation of the usual structures and bonding. Upon graduation in 2013, she moved to Texas and started her postdoctoral research with Prof. Abraham Clearfield at Texas A&M University. In 2016, Yuwei moved to Pullman with her family. She worked as the chemistry lab coordinator at the University of Idaho for five years before taking the stockroom manager position at WSU. She’s very excited about being part of the WSU Chemistry family and very enthusiastic about supporting the chemistry research program and instructional labs. She has two cats, one dog, and two kids. In her spare time, she loves hiking, camping, and playing the piano.