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Department of Chemistry Chemistry Life Safety

Know Your Mandatory Responsibilities

It’s important you know what you’re responsible for in terms of safety.  The University, WISHA/OSHA/L&I, and EPA won’t take ignorance as an excuse.

Developing a Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) that will make WISHA Smile

The center of any lab’s safety program is expected to be it’s Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP).  It references the University’s Laboratory Safety Manual, the manual for all labs, specific standard operating procedures, map of physical layout of the lab with safety information, evacuation procedures, and more.  It is a “living document” which should be updated regularly and is also used to document all lab personnel training.

Most sections of the CHP can be quickly be written up, while some sections such as inventory and procedures may take more time, but we’ve created a guide to help get you started and determine appropriate information to include for your lab.

Start Your CHP Here