Mission & Vision

Our mission is to address the most pressing chemical challenges of our time while nurturing the next generation of innovative scientists and leaders.

We are committed to contributing to the intellectual and economic advancement of the state, region, nation and the world through the discovery and development of new knowledge and addressing problems of societal relevance.

Vision for the Future


Provide new molecular knowledge in specific departmental focus areas (nuclear science, biological & health science, and materials & interfacial science) through peer-reviewed publications, conference proceedings, and patent disclosures.

Undergraduate Education

Provide undergraduate and graduate students with opportunities to engage in discovery and development of new knowledge, while also developing critical thinking skills and gaining a foundation of basic chemical knowledge necessary for a career in chemistry.

Graduate & Post-Doctoral Education

Create a foundation for a career in chemistry, whether it be research in an industry or government setting, teaching at an academic institution, or at an alternative career, by providing our students with advanced coursework and original, creative research opportunities. Service: Chemistry department faculty and staff advance molecular knowledge into societal needs. Broadly defined, activities include using, extending, and transmitting molecular knowledge in the interest of the state, the region, the nation, and the globe.