Program Goals

Graduate Student Learning Outcomes

  • Achieve expertise in fundamental areas of analytical, organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry
  • Apply theory and methodologies within these areas to conduct independent research that addresses scientific and technological problems of broad chemical interest
  • Effectively communicate the results of their research in peer reviewed journal articles and in oral presentations to chemistry faculty and students in the department and at local, regional and national conferences
  • Become effective members of the scientific community by participating and taking leadership roles in teaching, professional organizations, and service on local, regional and national levels
  • Become independent, motivated researchers in a specific area of study with the ability to recognize and address important scientific problems and to make original contributions to the solution of these problems
  • Present an original proposal summarizing the existing literature in their area of study, posing an extant question or hypothesis, and presenting their plans for investigating and advancing the state of knowledge in this area
  • Conduct independent research using sound methods of data collection and analysis
  • Effectively present the results of their research in written and oral presentations
  • Be prepared to successfully compete for academic, industrial, and government lab positions on graduation
  • Perform undergraduate teaching, grading, and mentoring activities