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Department of Chemistry Fulmer IT

Welcome to FulmerIT

Chemistry is a HIGHLY technical field, and we use numerous programs, applications, and libraries to further our research.  Here you can find many of the resources you require.  Please refer to the link list on the nav column to browse the array of services and assets we provide for the betterment of your academic goals.

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Yoshi Kodama
IT Manager
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de minimus Use of Computer Resources

The University’s Office of Internal Audit made this announcement in 2012 about personal use of state resources, which includes computers, printers, telephones and the networks.

Improper computer, email and internet use are the most common findings in settlements issued by WA State Executive Ethics Board (EEB).
In general, employee use of state-provided resources is permitted if the use is reasonably related to the conduct of official University duties.

Use of state resources for personal purposes, unrelated to the conduct of official duties, is prohibited unless it falls under de minimis rules. De minimis is use that is brief, infrequent, does not result in additional cost to WSU, does not interfere with performance of job duties, and does not compromise the security or integrity of state information or software.

Some personal use activities are deemed prohibited (including use for political activities, lobbying, and outside business). De minimis rules do not apply to these activities, thus, any use of state resources for these purposes would be an ethics violation.

Protect your unit, yourself and your employees by ensuring proper awareness of ethics rules. See for ethics training resources. Also refer to EP#4, BPPM 10.21 and BPPM 20.37. For addtional questions, contact the Office of Internal Audit at 335-2001.