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College of Arts and Sciences Department of Chemistry

Graduate Scholarships

Assistantships & Residency

Your offer of admission to Washington State University and the Department of Chemistry may include financial support in the form of an assistantship valued at approximately $40,500 per year. When you are supported on an assistantship your gross salary will be about ~$2,239.00 per month (~$1,600 take home depending on taxes withheld), a waiver will cover your tuition up to $5,858 per semester, and health insurance (~$2,000 per year). All students on an assistantship are required to pay a residual fee (e.g. Health and Wellness Services, Pullman
Transit, the Student Recreation Center, the CUB (Student Union building), general building and operating funds) each semester of approximately $1,500. An additional tuition waiver for non-residents will also be paid ($7,225 per semester). Domestic non-residents of the State of Washington will be expected to become a resident of the State of Washington as soon as you are eligible (after one year). Follow this link for more details on residency requirements. An additional tuition waiver for non-residents will cover out-of-state tuition ($7,225 per semester) for one year. Domestic students who fail to gain residency after one year will be responsible for covering out-of-state tuition until residency is established. International applications must demonstrate high spoken English proficiency to be offered a teaching assistantship. You will also have financial support throughout the summers as long as you maintain satisfactory academic progress. During your first year, you will most likely be supported on a teaching assistantship that involves teaching two laboratory sections per week, class preparation and grading, and two hours of office time for student consultation. By the end of your first year, you will have settled into a research group and are often supported as a research assistant.

Scholarships/Fellowships/Training Programs

The chemistry department has a number of scholarships designated specifically for graduate students. We awarded almost $20,000 in academic scholarships to our current students each year. In addition, for the past two years, we have awarded two $4,000 Abelson scholarships from the College of Arts and Sciences to the best applicants to our graduate program. This award is renewable for a second year, bringing the total value to $8,000. The Edward Wagner scholarship is awarded to one of our outstanding graduate students who has passed preliminary exams and is nearing graduation. Lastly, starting in 2017, we are honored to offer an ARCS Fellowship to one outstanding incoming graduate student each year. Details at the below link.

Departmental Scholarships

The Department of Chemistry awards its graduate students a number of internal scholarships, in addition to several from the Graduate School Scholar Awards program and the Abelson Fellowship award from the College of Sciences. Specific departmental awards include:

T.J. Chow Graduate Fellowship

General graduate student award

Glenn A. and Jane L Crosby Endowment

WSU graduate students in physical chemistry, chemical physics, materials science, and related research areas affiliated with the Department of Chemistry. Recipients may use award funds for educational support including, but not limited to, tuition and fess, books, professional travel, and incidental research expenses.

Frank Fowler Graduate Fellowship

To provide fellowships for graduate students, who are US citizens.

Drs. Herb & Jannette Hill Travel Scholarship

This endowment will provide funds to support students traveling to major scientific meetings to share their research. The Hills both recognize that presenting research and networking with future colleagues at professional conferences are critical components of a student’s education. International Conferences are encouraged. Presenting at a conference is required for eligibility for this scholarship.

J. Ivan Legg Graduate Fellowship

Must have a completed Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and research interests in chemistry or bio-chemistry.

Donald S. Matteson Graduate Fellowship

To provide fellowships for graduate students. To reward and provide an incentive for superior research performance.

James P. and Lee Ella I. Ruck Graduate Fellowship

Full-time graduate students in the chemistry department. Shall be awarded for one-year commitments of not less than $1,000.

James O. Schenk Graduate Student Travel Scholarship
To provide students with funds to travel to scientific meetings and conferences. Can be used for virtual meetings and conferences.

Gardner Stacy Research Endowment

Can be used to support research in organic chemistry and support of students at any level majoring in the field.

James C. Sullivan Memorial Fellowship

To provide fellowship for graduate students working in Actinide Chemistry.

Edward L. Wagner Memorial Scholarship

A scholarship based on scholarly achievement for second and third year Ph.D. candidates.