WA Residency

U.S. citizens who are non-residents of the State of Washington will be expected to become residents as soon as you are eligible (after one year). It’s best to begin this process as soon as you arrive in Washington state.

Eligible students who fail to gain residency after one year will be responsible for covering the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition until residency is established. 

Tips for applying for residency

You need to begin that process as soon as you move to Washington. During the start of your second year, you will have to apply for residency. What do you need to do?

  • Register your car in Washington
    • You need your Washington driver’s license first
  • Register to vote (this can be done when you get your drivers license)
  • Lease agreement (you can ask for this from your apartment complex, you need to show that you’ve lived in Washington uninterrupted for a year)
  • In the spring, file your taxes as independent (this means your parents can’t claim you on their taxes)
  • Bank statements– not required, but help in establishing you’ve made your home in Washington

All these items must be completed by the end of August your first semester here so that you have been an established resident of Washington for a year when you apply for residency.

To apply for residency, you will need to submit the residency questionnaire along with documentation to the graduate school (French admin) by the 30th day of classes in your second year.