Housing Options

How do I find where to live?

Luckily, we have a list of some apartments where grad students from our department live for you to consider. Some graduate students also rent a house together if they know each other very well.

Most grad students move at the start of their second year, so if you aren’t a huge fan of where you live during your first year, that’s normal! You’ll see many different complexes during your first year as you hang out with other students and get an idea of where you want to live next.

WSU Housing

  • relatively low cost and close to campus (a short walk or express bus ride)
  • Steptoe is the only complex that allows roommates and/or pets
  • If you plan to move with a significant other, you must be married to live together


  • has many different properties in apartment land
  • most on the express bus routes
  • Birch Hills is the only one that allows pets


  • many different complexes and houses
  • spread out around town, some are on military hill (on the same side of Grand by Dismores), some near apartment land (near Valley road)

Coug Housing

  • mostly aimed towards undergrads
  • most properties located on College Hill, close to Greek Row

Cougar Ridge

  • allows pets and has air conditioning
  • on the express bus routes

WSU Free & For Sale – Pullman, WA

  • sometimes you can find a nice place on the facebook page
A hand-drawn map of Pullman with highlights..