Clifford Berkman

  1. Chair, Professor
LocationFulmer 468



Ph.D. Chemistry, 1993
Loyola University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

B.A. Chemistry, 1986
Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, IL


A major emphasis of the research in my lab is aimed at the design, synthesis, and evaluation of inhibitors of proteases and peptidases related to cancer. More specifically, we are interested in the design of novel enzymes inhibitors for the use in targeting tumor cells with diagnostic and therapeutic agents. We are leaders in the field that is focused on inhibitors of the prostate cancer enzyme-biomarker known as prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA). Some of this technology has advanced through clinical trials for marketable diagnostic and therapeutic drugs through our startup company Cancer Targeted Technology (CTT).

We are also interested in the development of phosphorylated amino acids as pro-prodrug scaffolds for controlled release applications such as L-Dopa, small-molecule drug conjugates (SMDCs), and cellular trafficking turn-on probes.

Recent Publications from Research at WSU

  • Phosphoramidate Derivatives Of Hydroxysteriods As Inhibitors Of Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen. Wu, L.Y.; Do, J.*; Kazak, M.*; Page, H.*; Toriyabe, Y. Anderson, M.O.; Berkman, C.E. Med. Chem. Lett. 2008, 18, 281.
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  • In Vitro Targeted Photodynamic Therapy with a Pyropheophorbide-a Conjugated Inhibitor of Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen. Liu, T.; Wu, L.Y.; Choi, J.K.*; Berkman, C.E. The Prostate 2009, 69,
  • Synthesis and in vivo evaluation of a [18F]-labeled phosphoramidate for imaging of PSMA expression. Lapi, S.E; Wu, L.Y.; Wahnishe, H.; Pham, D.; Nedrow-Byers, J.R.; Liu, T.; VanBrocklin, H.F.; Berkman, C.E.; Jones, E.F. Nuc. Med. 2009, 50, 2042.
  • Expression of Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen (PSMA), increases cell folate uptake and proliferation and suggests a novel role for PSMA in the uptake of the non-polyglutamated folate, folic acid. Yao, V.; Berkman, C.E.; Choi, J.K.*; O’Keefe, D.S.; Bacich, D.J. The Prostate 2010, 70, 305.
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  • Detection of Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen on HUVECs in Response to Breast Tumor-Conditioned Medium. Liu, T.; Jabbes, M.; Nedrow-Byers, J.; Wu, L.Y.; Bryan, J.N.; Berkman, C.E. J. Oncol. 2011, 38, 1349.
  • Capture and Visualization of Hydrogen Sulfide via A Fluorescent Probe. Liu, C.; Pan, J.; Li, S.; Zhao, Y.; Wu, L.Y.; Berkman, C.E.; Whorton, A.R.; Xian, M. Chem. 2011, 50, 10327.
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  • Investigation of the hydrazide/hydrazone click reaction as a biomolecule labeling strategy with M(CO)3 (M = Re, 99mTc). Ganguly, T; Kasten, B; Bucar, D-K; MacGillivray, L.; Berkman, C.E.; Benny, P. Comm. 2011, 47, 12846.
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  • more to come…