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Department of Chemistry Fulmer IT

Installing MNova

MNova NMR is a multivendor, multiplatform software for visualization, processing, analysis and reporting of 1D and 2D NMR data, designed to support the specific needs of analytical or organic chemists.


02/22/2023 — For those new users that were having issues getting the license files to activate, we fixed a server-side issue and new users should now have regular access.  If you have already installed your 3 license files, no additional action should be needed, MNova should now run properly.

02/16/2023 — The current licensing for MNova will expire on April 10, 2023.  After this date, the Department of Chemistry will be transferring licensing and management responsibilities of MNova to the NMR Center.  Expect related MNova pages and tutorials to be removed from this site shortly thereafter. 

04/01/2021 — The new server is online and new licensing file are now on Jukebox!  Thanks for your patience everyone.

04/01/2021 — The MNova licensing server is being moved. The process is mostly finished but is not yet finalized. An email will be sent out letting everyone know when to reinstall the licenses.

03/06/2018 — The Chemistry Department has upgraded to MNova version 12. If you would prefer to stay on version 10/11, you can relicense MNova Version 10/11 by following the steps in the link shown below.

09/13/16 — Our licensing has UPDATED! IF you already have MNova installed and just need to update the licensing, skip down to “Activating MNova for Windows”, you just need to install the 3 new LIC files and you’re up and going again.


The chemistry department licenses MNova for the all faculty and students in Chemistry. It is available for Windows and OS X.

We use a network license, so your PC must be connected to the Internet when you launch MNova. If you are not on the WSU-Pullman campus, you must connect to the VPN before launching MNova.

Install MNova for Windows

Relicense MNova for Windows

Install MNova for OS X

Relicense MNova for OS X