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Department of Chemistry Fulmer IT

Send a Message to a List

Fulmer IT maintains some address lists. The lists are built up from security lists. Individuals are added to and removed from security groups as they move between roles in the Department.

To send a message to all faculty, staff and students, send your message to

To send a message to faculty, send your message to

To send a message to the office staff, send your message to

There are more address lists available to you. The lists are in the Connect! global address list.

The links below can be used to send mail to the desire mailing group as well.

Additionally we maintain a list of graduate students, undergraduate students and postdocs for each PI. This list is used to secure your folder on the Groups share. The PI group list is also mail enabled. You can send email to all the members of a group by addressing a message to chem.PI.<professor's name> e.g.