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Department of Chemistry Fulmer IT

Installing Mathematica on Windows

You must connect to chem-diamond3.

  1. Open the Jukebox share on chem-diamond3.
  2. Open the Mathematica folder in the Jukebox.
  3. Copy the file that corresponds to your OS locally to your computer
    Do NOT run the installer or try to Unzip across the network, these files are several gigabytes in size.
    It would take an exceptionally long time and likely fail before finishing.
  4. unzip the files (once unzipped fully, you may delete the ZIP file itself to save space), then run “setup.exe”
  5. Windows may ask you to confirm that you want to launch the setup application. Click Run.
  6. The setup application launches. Click Next.
  7. Accept the default location.
  8. Accept the default components.
  9. Accept the default menu name.
  10. Double check your settings and click Install.
  11. Watch the application install.
  12. Success. The application has installed. Click Finish.

Licensing Mathematica on Windows

After installing Mathematica, you must point it towards our network license server.

  1. Launch Mathematica. Mathematica will launch the activation process. We do not use an activation key so click the Other ways to activate button.

  2. Choose the Connect to network license server method.
  3. The activation application prompts for the name of the network license server. The name of the server is privileged. It is provided only to faculty, staff and students in chemistry.
  4. Go back to the Mathematica folder in jukebox. Look for a file named ServerName.txt. Open that file. Note the server name that is in that file.
    Open the ServerName.txt file
  5. Enter the server name in the activation box. The name shown here is not the real server name.
    Enter the server name
  6. Accept the license agreement.
    Accept the license agreement
  7. Mathematica launches. NB you must be on the Internet to launch Mathematica. If you are not on the WSU-Pullman campus, you must connect to the VPN before you launch Mathematica.