Greetings Chemical Specialists!

As previously indicated, there is now more info and even patches/fixes for some currently available!

Most of us are running Lenovo or Dell laptops and desktops so I’ve put direct links below.

(This is an expected eMail to a specific audience so I’m going to leave links LIVE)


Lenovo Patch/Update for Intel ME/SPS/TXE Vulnerability (fixes for affected systems available NOW!):

Respect to Lenovo for being the first/only Intel partner to take this issue as seriously as they do.


Dell Patch/Update for Intel ME/SPS/TXE Vulnerability (Dell is a behind on this, rather than posting fixes, they’re posting DATES when a fix SHOULD be available):–intel-sa-00086-?lang=en


SOME Dell servers have patches now:–intel-sa-00086-?lang=en


THANKFULLY Intel has now posted a page that lists most major manufacturers and their corresponding Support sites/pages that deal with this issue SPECIFICALLY!

If you have affected hardware follow the respective link below to see that status of fixes for your hardware:

(the page also has a link to the test tool used to determine vulnerability if you need)



  • Research Groups: We have very little insight into how many computers you may have, much less how many are vulnerable.  We need your groups to self-check any Intel processor based computer (desktops and laptops both) built (not purchased) in 2015 or later.  We can help guide you through the fix BUT we have to know said help is needed 😉
  • Students: Please keep in mind that university policy dictates that FulmerIT is not allow to work on personal property.  That said, advice is always free J
  • Don’t forget about computers at home and with friends/family!